Anonymous asked: How do you co-wash and deep condition at the same time?

When you co-wash, you’re using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair. After that, you deep condition with a deep conditioner

Anonymous asked: Is the ORS HAIR MAYONNAISE use for a deep conditioning treatment or a protein treatment?

It’s a light protein treatment

Anonymous asked: My hair only grows 3 inches per year. How can I grow it to 6 inches a year?

Taking hair growth vitamins, doing protective styles, implementing scalp massages to your regimen can help.

Anonymous asked: Do you need a deep conditioner that says "deep conditioner" or you can any conditioner that has a thick feeling?

People normally use a Deep Conditioner conditioner, but you can use either/or. As long as it leaves your hair moisturized.

worldofcurlsx asked: Is having a few split ends ok and does everyone get them? When i look at my hair I ALWAYS find 4 or 5 in total on my heard... Is this normal?

Yea, it’s inevitable to get split ends and it’s completely normal. it comes with the territory of being natural. EVERYONE gets split ends from time to time.

I good way to remedy split ends is to make sure you seal them. Whenever you apply your leave-in, make sure to apply some oil on your ends right after. Make sure to saturate your ends with some oils. You’ll notice a difference. My ends used to be horrible, but once I started sealing with castor oil, it changed my life! I still get split ends, but not as much as before.

Anonymous asked: Can my hair grow when it has little split ends?

It’s best to cut them, because they can affect your growth.

Anonymous asked: If oils aren't moisturizers, what are they? And what are some known moisturizers?

Oils are sealants. They seal in your moisturize. There’s tons of moisturizers out there. Search my blog because I’ve listed a few.

Anonymous asked: What are causes of Hair Damage?

HEAT! Blow driers, flat irons, pressing combs, etc…

Anonymous asked: What the difference between aloe Vera juice and aloe Vera gel?

One is a gel and one is a liquid like gel. The juice is can be used to like a leave-in (don’t quote me on that) and the gel can be used as a light gel like if you’re doing a wash ‘n’ go.

uniquelouiseboan asked: Hey have you ever heard or try "mane n' tail" I bought the conditioner and the shampoo. but I really don't the good way to use it for growth. how can I grow my 4months translation hair faster?

I’ve heard of it, I never tried it. You can start taking biotin, hairfinity and many other hair growth vitamins to see if you gain some length. But to be honest, if you just protective style your hair for a few months you’ll see a little growth, or if you just take care of it and let your hair grow naturally you’ll start to see growth.

Since you’re transitioning, I feel like you should do some protective style/low maintenance styles to take your mind off of hair growth. I feel you because when I was transitioning, I wanted my hair to grow sooooo bad. I was driving myself crazy. I had to start box braiding my hair to take my mind off of my hair growth! So just tuck your hair away for a while and you’ll see some results.

Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm a new natural! I need to know what a good hair care routine and products. So can you list them for me?

Congrats! As for good hair routine, you have to create your own regimen. Once you start doing your hair, you’ll see what methods work and what doesn’t. As for products, just make sure you have a good shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in and moisturizer. I don’t like recommending products to people because I stand by my Golden Hair Rule: “Everyone hair is different…. What works for ME, might not work for YOU”

You just have to try different products and see what works for you. This is the perfect time for you to do this because you’re newly natural. It’s inevitable for you to become a Product Junkie. So go out there and try some products out! Before you know it, you’ll be building a strong regimen.

Anonymous asked: What is overly stretch hair? I don't get it?

Overly stretched hair is hair that was in a style (twist out, braid out, wash & go… any “out” style) and it’s stretched out to the max. When we do certain styles, we get shrinkage, but if our hair is stretched out, it’s closer to our true length.

Anonymous asked: Sleeping with a non satin bonnet causes breakage?

Yea. You won’t notice it right away, but if you sleep with a non silk/sating scarf, it soaks up the moisture in your hair. so you’ll go to bed with your hair moisturized and feeling like butter and wake up with dry hair because all that moisture is now on the cotton scarf.

PLUS, a cotton scarf can pull on your hair. You know when you wear a beanie or your wool jacket or something cotton rubs on your hair and you hair a pop? Yea, that’s why silk/satin is the way to go!!!

Anonymous asked: What are low manipulation styles?

Buns, 2 strand twists, french braids, mini twists, flat twists/2 strand flat twists…

Basically, any style that’s done on your own hair that tucks away your ends, but exposes the rest of your hair and you keep to a week or few.