Anonymous asked: I have a question. Isn't it bad to wash your hair so many times a week? I recently did the big chop and I'm scared that my hair will fall out if I do so.

Yea, it’s not necessary to wash your hair so many times. Once a week is fine. Since you just big chopped, you should be doing deep conditions to bring some moisture into your hair. You should do that once a week!

Anonymous asked: what are some protective, low maintenance, easy-go hairstyles for someone that is in college?

•Box Braids,
•Marley/Havana/Senegalese Twists,
•Mini braids/twists (with own hair)
•Buns (with Marley hair)
• Flat twist out
•Cornrows (with own hair or extensions)

Anonymous asked: How can u make a braid out last the whole day? I just use water and then braid and put the braids in Bantu knots. I take them out the following day and it's nice, but it doesn't last. Any tips??

Maybe you should use a little bit of a styler or a butter when doing the braid/bantu knot. The styler/butter will hold the braid/ bantu knot longer so that it can last!

judy466 asked: How can I fix my heat damage? I know it's practically irreversible but I just want to know how to get some of my volume back :(

Your best bet is to cut off the damaged ends. If it’s a lot, you can cut as it grows out. but eventually, you’ll have to cut it off to get your volume back!

After 2 months of having my hair braided, I finally took out my braids. My hair feels great! I gained some length too!

1. That’s how much hair I lost. YIKES!!! After 2 months of not touching my hair, I guess this is about right. this is only half of the hair. Don’t worry, I managed to keep some hair on my head.


3. Sporting the french braids for the night

Overall, I’m happy with my hair. I miss my braids tho and I’m going to braid is back in 2 weeks!

Anonymous asked: Hey! My question is about protective styles. I've read that they are needed for hair growth and then I've read they aren't. I hate sitting in the salon in my day off all day lol. Are they really needed? What are the best protective styles? I'm nine months natural and my hair is a little past my eyebrows. I suffer from dryness like crazy too! Thanks!

Ok, Protective Styles are not needed for hair growth. They can help with hair growth since you’re tucking away your hair for weeks/months at a time. It’s suggested that you do protective styles a few times just to give your hair a little break. The best PS could be Box braids, which is super popular, Twists (Havana, Marley, Kinky, Senegalese, Jumbo, etc…) or a sew-in weave. The choice is yours.

Since you’re suffering from dryness, you should be deep conditioning your hair often and moisturizing to get that much needed moisture into your hair.

Anonymous asked: Hi! First off I love your blog. I have a question; I want to get a sew in as a protective style because one side of my hair is longer than the other so I'm getting it cut. The prob is I have no idea how to care for a sew in. Any advice?

Thank You for the love! Now, it’s completely normal for one side to be longer than the other. I have that problem too.

Now, sew-ins have to be handled with care because if you don’t care for YOUR hair underneath while wearing one, it will turn into a disaster. Make sure it’s not installed TIGHT. Make sure you have access to your scalp so that you can oil it. Make sure when you’re washing your hair, that it dries properly because if it doesn’t, it will have a residue smell. You have to treat the sew-in like it’s your hair while trying to care for your own hair underneath.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous asked: If I want to do a protective style, would it be bad to take care of my hair before I do it as in washing using leave in sealing and moisturizing before the braids? Or will that mess them up? What should I do before the protective style? Should I just wash my hair and leave it dry? And put nothing in it?

No, that’s not bad at all. You SHOULD do that because you’re about to protective style your hair for a few weeks/months. You’re not going to get the chance to wash and treat your hair properly so doing it before your braid/twist it up is best!

So I took out my braids on Friday (July 25th) and did another length check (July 25th). I’m impressed. I got a little growth! I didn’t use hair growth pills. The braids are really working in my favor. I’m also going to trim my hair every time I take my braids out which would be every 2-3 months. Like I said before, I want to keep up with my trims.

This time next year, I should have a good amount of growth. I’m really proud of myself for sticking with this 1 year protective style challenge.

Ok, so my  QB Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist butter is getting grainy. Idk what happened but these these little clumps that’s not melting. Has anyone ever experienced this with theirs? What should I do? Should I store it in a cooler place?

EDIT: Ok, so I figured it out! Someone told me that I should place the jar in some hot water, let the butter melt into a liquid, stir it, and place it in the freezer to solidify. I did that and it worked! My butter id back to normal again!!!

Anonymous asked: I know this is a natural hair blog, but your skin is soo do you get it to look smooth, glowy and sooo even toned?

Thank you! I get this all the time and I tell people the same thing. It’s GENETICS! Both of my parents have great skin. Besides that, I drink lots of water! I don’t really do much to my skin.

Anonymous asked: I just bought some coconut oil n it smells amazing 😍. What r some ways I can use it in my hair and on my skin?

You can use it to seal your ends, to oil your scalp. and you can use it on your skin after you’ve taken a shower.